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Gamers Against Bigotry pledge site hacked, 1500 signatures lost

IndieGoGo to the rescue

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Diversity pledge site Gamers Against Bigotry is hit with a hacking attack which makes pledging "essentially useless."

Following a month of repeated hacks, pledge site Gamers Against Bigotry announced it was hit with an attack that rid the site of its total 1500 gathered pledges.

Hackers are said to have deleted the database holding all pledges, despite the website owner recently updating the site with code thought to provide additional security.

Some pledges were recovered in an incomplete backup; however, attempts to restore the website completely are still met with continued attacks and takedowns.

Previous attacks included making "grotesque images" appear in the website's signatures page, as well as making it impossible for new pledgees to sign.

Gamers Against Bigotry now asks users to support the project on IndieGoGo as the website's pledge component is "essentially useless" due to attacks.

The website was initially set up for users to pledge toward the creation of a diverse social network of users and against the use of bigoted language relating to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability, while gaming, online, and elsewhere.

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