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'Runescape' developer opens new studio for 'experimental game'


"Runescape" developer Jagex working on a "very experimental game."

Runescape developer Jagex opened a new studio to work on "a very experimental game," Develop reports.

"We have the resources to add another studio, and we very much want to make more games than what we've committed too so far," said CEO Mark Gerhard. "But the quality mark is how many great games can we make a year, rather than how many we can make a year."

Gerhard promised that the small new studio, based out of Cambridge, would reveal more information on this secret project in the coming weeks.

Free-to-play fantasy massively multiplayer online game Runescape released in 2001 for browser and recently hit the 200-million player milestone. Players set their own objectives, interact with others, and complete quests at their own judgment.

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