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Tribes: Ascend update brings new guns and maps to the party

tribes ascend
tribes ascend

"Tribes: Ascend" new update includes Twinfusor double-disc shooter and a tweaked classic map.

Free-to-play online shooter Tribes: Ascend has a new update that adds the Twinfusor, a two-disc shooter, to the game's packed arsenal.

In a new video from Hi-Rez Studios, co-founder Todd Harris walks players through the update, which includes a modified version of the "Stonehenge" map, a port of the popular Tribes map "Dangerous Crossing," and a new indoor capture-the-flag map, "Permafrost."

The video also shows the new Party system, in which players can create parties and chats in Quick Match, and a slew of skins and other cosmetic items.

Tribes: Ascend was released on April 12 for PC.