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'NHL 13's' GM Connected mode brings online franchise to the series

Connecting a global network of die-hard hockey fans

NHL 13 Smith Gaborik
NHL 13 Smith Gaborik
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EA Sports unveiled NHL 13's GM Connected mode, the series debut of online franchise, today.

EA Sports unveiled NHL 13's GM Connected mode, the series debut of online franchise, today.

GM Connected brings the Be A GM mode — which, according to EA Canada, is the NHL series' most popular mode — online, and integrates aspects of the EA Sports Hockey League setup and its Online Team Play offering. Up to 30 human players (one per NHL team) can run their own team as a General Manager in a single GM Connected league. But because players can take part in 6-on-6 Online Team Play games within the league, playing on a different GM's team, the mode supports up to 750 players per league.

EA calls it the "largest online dynasty mode ever in a sports game."

You can play GM Connected in four different ways: against the CPU; one-on-one against another GM; in co-op or Online Team Play games, with up to six human players taking on six others; or as a coach, watching the game from behind the bench while your CPU-controlled skaters play with the strategies you've put in place. GM Connected also lets you set up your team's play style, so even when you aren't around for a league game against a human opponent, your team will play your way.

GM Connected users can play as a Commissioner (one per league), GM (up to 30 per league), or player for any of the teams in the league (up to 750). GMs can play on their own team and recruit up to 24 friends to play as ringers. The mode keeps players in constant communication with each other, thanks to league-wide news bulletins and private inboxes with messages about league activities. In addition, iPhone owners will be able to follow their league with a mobile app that keeps track of stats and standings, and allows them to make roster moves.

EA also released a quick trailer explaining that GM Connected will bring together NHL 13 players around the world; you can watch it below. NHL 13 will hit stores on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 11th in North America. For details on other changes coming this year, check out our gameplay preview.

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