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'Mass Effect 3' Operation Overwatch brings the combat to Earth this weekend

Gotta extract 'em all

mass effect 3 operation overwatch
mass effect 3 operation overwatch

BioWare releases a new multiplayer operation to save 800,000 players from Earth.

This weekend, Mass Effect 3's Bounty Weekend will take place on Earth for the first time with "Operation Overwatch."

The multiplayer operation requires users download the "Earth" DLC released earlier in the month. Users will then be tasked with extracting 800,000 individual players to complete the allied goal and earn a Victory Pack. This contains a selection of weapons and health packs, as well as one of the "Earth" DLC's new playable characters.

"Operation Overwatch" has squads attempt to complete an extraction on any difficulty, with at least one user playing an Earth Pack character, on the other hand.

In addition, extraction time during "Overwatch" is increased from that seen in previous Bounty Weekend challenge "Operation Broadside" due to the failure of this operation.

"Operation Overwatch" runs from July 27th at 10am PDT to July 30th at 5am PDT.

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