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'Portal' speedrun completed in world record-breaking 8 minutes

No hacks, no cheats, just portals


Portal speedrun done in just over eight minutes, breaking 2010's previous record.

Portal can be completed in eight minutes and 31.93 seconds, it was proven following a world record-breaking segmented speedrun successfully done by members of speedrunning community SourceRuns.

The run is completed by Nick "Z1mb0bw4y" Roth, Josh "Inexistence" Peaker, Nick "Gocnak" Kerns, and Sebastian "Xebaz" Dressler in 24 segments, while a thorough examination of the run is analyzed in the team's Google Document.

"To be SDA legal we have done our run without using scripts/cheats/hacks for any portion of the run," the team states. "This run first started after the discovery of a new glitch, which snowballed into a whirlwind of discoveries of new tricks, skips, and glitches.

"We started running chambers in April, took a brief hiatus, and then resumed work in late June. The bulk of the run was completed in about two weeks time."

This eight minute-long speed run is roughly one minute faster than the previous record set in 2010. Run time begins from the second the user gains crosshairs to the moment they lose them.

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