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Xbox 360 steampunk controller hits eBay, custom-built with typewriter key analog sticks

Steam, brass, and steel

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xbox 360 controller steampunk
xbox 360 controller steampunk

An eBay user has modded out an Xbox 360 controller in a Steampunk style.

A custom-built, Steampunk-influenced Xbox 360 controller is currently being auctioned on eBay, featuring a custom paint job and analog sticks taken from authentic 1940s typewriter keys.

The one-of-a-kind controller modded by eBay user trioxin_kustoms was aged by hand to appear worn, first by disassembling and cleaning the plastics with a soft toothbrush, then by sanding it down and painting the controller to give it the semblance of real wood on the front casing.

Bumpers are also painted to look like aged brass, while the back casing is designed to look like aged steel. In addition, the battery pack features a brass skeleton keyhole and the entire controller is coated with high quality urethane automotive clear.

The seller states he tested the modded controller for a number of hours to insure it is in working order.

"The Joysticks feel great to use and the buttons are a breeze, the high gloss clear finish feels very smooth to the touch and very comfortable to use," he states on the sales profile.

The steampunk Xbox 360 controller is available to US and Canada bidders only. So far it is at a current bid of $66.