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'Dota 2' update includes three new warriors and cooldown time

dota 2
dota 2

The next "Dota 2" update includes three new warriors: Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage.

Today's update for Dota 2 adds three new heroes to Captain's mode, according to a post on the game's official forums by designer IceFrog.

Players will now be able to play as Nyx, a giant insect-like creature; Keeper of Time, a horseback-riding wizard; and Visage, a gargoyle who summons minions into battle. Valve has also added a forced cooldown time to finding a match when another player abandons or declines one.

The update also includes a number of fixes and additions:

  • For Beastmaster, fixed Wild Axes working with Refresher and they no longer provide vision when they aren't flying.
  • For Naga Siren, fixed Dust of Appearance, Ice Blast, and Wave not working against units that have fallen asleep due to Song of the Siren.
  • Neutrals damaged by invisible enemies will now attempt to run away.
  • Director events and framing have been tweaked for spectating.
  • Notifications have be added for when tournaments have a game currently running.
  • The meld damage display now only shows for landed hits.
  • There have been significant changes to how bots determine strategic desires.
  • Bots defending a lane have been made more aggressive.
  • A new Import Wearable option to the workshop compiles and previews models before submission, as well as packs files into more upload-friendly formats.

A full list of features for the update can be found on the official Dota 2 forums.

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