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Mojang's canceled game was a first-person shooter

minecraft review 5
minecraft review 5

Mojang's canceled game was a first-person shooter.

Minecraft studio Mojang's canceled project was a first-person shooter, founder Markus "Notch" Persson told Joystiq.

Persson confirmed with Joystiq that the project was ended in the prototype stage because Mojang "did not want more external dependencies."

"The success of Minecraft meant we could focus on projects fully owned by us," Persson told Joystiq.

Mojang is still open to collaborating in the future so long as they are "not to make money," said Persson. "If there are other reasons to collaborate, maybe!"

Yesterday Persson told PC Gamer that he was hesitant to put Minecraft on Steam due to the service's monopoly on PC gaming.

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