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Sandbox strategy game 'Castle Story' finding Kickstarter success

castle story
castle story

The Kickstarter campaign for "Castle Story," the voxel-based RTS from Sauropod Studios, launches today.

Castle Story, a sandbox real-time strategy game from Sauropod Studios, launched its Kickstarter today and is almost two-thirds of the way towards its goal as of this posting.

The game is built on the Unity engine and was first announced in December 2011. Players control beings called Bricktrons that build castles by digging for resources and carving these materials into bricks. Castles must be able to withstand attacks from other players and roaming enemies, and can fall if the foundation isn't stable. Bricktons can also engage in battle with swords and shields or via weapons mounted on castle ramparts.

"We've been working on Castle Story in our free time ever since we graduated from game design studies two years ago," reads the Kickstarter page. "We posted a video demo of our game on Youtube last January and received a flood of good comments and an amazing reception on the Internet. So we decided to quit our jobs and work on the game full-time."

Sauropod plans to use its Kickstarter campaign to fund multiplayer, audio, and software licensing for the game as well as bandwidth and maintenance for the game's official website. All contributors will gain access to the Castle Story beta when it becomes available.

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