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'Halo 4' accolades reel speeds through new environments and enemies

The video's soundtrack and pulsing cuts build to a crescendo.

halo 4
halo 4

Microsoft released a video celebrating the Halo 4's warm reception.

Halo 4 gameplay footage from E3 2012 highlighted the elements that earned the game a Polygon Editor's Choice award, and a new video from Microsoft takes a rapid-fire approach at 343 Industries' first original Halo title.

In the video, the soundtrack and pulsing cuts build to a crescendo as short-burst clips show enemies, vehicles, environments, Master Chief, and a troubled Cortana.

For more Halo 4, be sure to check out Polygon's impressions of Halo 4 from E3, where we went hands-on with developer 343 Industries' take on multiplayer as well as the game's episodic campaign, Spartan Ops. You can also read about the inspiration at 343i as they designed the recently-announced Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360. You can watch the video montage below.

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