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'The War Z' post-apocalyptic sandbox is 'first and foremost a game of survival'

the war z
the war z

'The War Z' post-apocalyptic sandbox is "first and foremost a game of survival."

In an interview with PC Gamer, The War Z executive producer Sergey Titov said that though it will have continual content like an MMO and shooter-like controls, the game is "first and foremost a game of survival."

"Your goal is not necessarily to hunt zombies, or unlock achievements, or shoot anyone," Titov told PC Gamer. "Your goal is to explore the world and survive. It's up to you if you want to work to rebuild society or destroy it and we really don't set hardcore goals for you to achieve."

The War Z is not objective-based and will not have traditional quests; instead it will have a sandbox structure in which players will be given the tools to craft their own experiences. Players will have the opportunity to build their own settlements, alone or with others, and determine their own bartering system.

"We've reinstated gold's value as a universal currency," said Titov. "That said, it is not the only currency in the world and, more importantly, we're not forcing it on the players. We're not saying "you either look for gold or you can't buy anything." Nothing prevents you from taking ammo for guns and using it as currency when bartering with other players."

Developer Hammerpoint Interactive is building The War Z without an end game. "We don't have a goal like 'okay unlock all achievements' or 'find all guns,'" said Titov. "We're saying, here's a world that just survived a viral outbreak that took the lives of most of the population and left a world full of brain-hungry zombies."

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