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The Besties Podcast XXI

Will you fall in love with the low whispers of Mr. David Tach?


In a week of mediocre games, the Besties turns to gas station sandwiches for entertainment.

This week on The Besties, Griffin's request for bombast is delivered by a mysterious figure from the South. Meanwhile, Dave Tach, the man with cherrywood vocal chords, fills in for a vacationing Justin McElroy. Will Spelunky remain the standing champion? Which demographic will Russ Frushtick offend? Can you find good food at a pitstop? There's only one way to find out!

4:05 — Griffing McElroy, Wreckateer (XBLA)

12:35 — Chris Plante, Spy vs. Spy (iOS)

22:05 — Halftime: Dave Tach eats gas station sandwiches

27:00 — Russ Frushtick, Shellrazer (iOS)

35:15 — THE DECISION by Dave Tach

Music: "Little Marcus" by George & Jonathan

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