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'Modern Warfare 3' getting updated version of Terminal map 'soon'


"Modern Warfare 3" to get Terminal multiplayer map, possibly double-XP weekend for Independence Day.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players will get a free, updated version of Modern Warfare 2's Terminal multiplayer map, Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin tweeted yesterday.

"Yup. Terminal coming soon," Rubin tweeted, responding to a fan who had seen leaked footage (since removed) of the new Terminal map on YouTube. Rubin also confirmed that the map will be announced later this week.

The map will be free for both Elite and non-Elite users and will most likely be released with temporary exclusivity on the Xbox 360 before releasing on PlayStation 3 and PC. Rubin tweeted that he is "not 100% sure yet" but believes that "PS3 has to get Terminal 30 days after Xbox."

Rubin also hinted that an Independence Day double-XP event occurring sometime this week was "very likely." He also expressed the desire to see more Modern Warfare 2 maps in MW3 in the future.

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