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The meta-game of 'Hybrid's' global online war explained


Hybrid's persistent, global online multiplayer war explained by 5th Cell's Tracy Bush.

Developer 5th Cell is focusing on smaller, 3-versus-3 multiplayer matches with its third-person shooter Hybrid, but those compact firefights feed into a greater, global online war.

In Hybrid, players worldwide will be fighting each other for "dark matter" and territorial control. They'll take part in two-week-long seasons that pit the game's two factions — the Paladin and the Variant — in global mortal combat.

In a new video, 5th Cell developer Tracy Bush explains the ins and outs of Hybrid's persistent online war, touching on player progression, base leveling, and the skills and helmets players can unlock.

Hybrid comes to Xbox Live Arcade on August 8th.

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