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Nintendo 3DS XL sells 193k launch day units in Japan

3DS xl
3DS xl

The Nintendo 3DS XL moved 193,000 units at launch, almost half of the original 3DS' launch.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has sold 193,000 units in Japan since its release on July 28th, less than half the number of the original 3DS, Famitsu reports.

New Super Mario Bros. 2, released along the new handheld, sold around 430,185 copies. Whether this number includes digital sales is not noted.

The original 3DS sold through its launch-day shipment of 400,000 units in March last year. Sales of the 3DS XL did outperform the Nintendo DSi, launched in 2008, which sold over 170,000 units. Its larger verison, the DSi XL, moved 100,000 at its release in 2009.

Sony's rival PlayStation Vita sold 321,407 units on its release in Japan in December 2011.