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Spelunky ported to browsers through HTML5

Ruin raiding on a browser page


Spelunky, Mossmouth's randomly-generated roguelike platformer, has been ported to browsers through HTML5 by web developer Darius Kazemi.

The port, Kazemi explained on his personal blog, took "about three hours" over this past weekend. The original Spelunky was made using the GameMaker engine, which was recently updated with HTML5 functionality, which allows you to "take a GameMaker game and compile it to JavaScript so that it runs in a modern web browser." That process should require a single click, Kazemi explained, "but for a complex game like Spelunky it's a bit harder." A few issues with the build still exist, which Kazemi hopes to address in the future.

For now, you can play Spelunky (which recently received an excellent XBLA port) in your browser, so pretty much everything else you can do on your computer — email your grandma, do any work at all — are totally forfeit.

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