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'Watchmen' artist Dave Gibbons teaming up with 'Beneath A Steel Sky' developer on new adventure game

Gibbons involved 'from the ground up'

beneath a steel sky
beneath a steel sky

Dave Gibbons and Charles Cecil team up once more on new adventure game.

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons is teaming up with the developer behind classic point-and-click adventures Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword, Revolution Studios, on a new original adventure game.

As reported by Eurogamer, Gibbons will be involved in the development of the title "from the ground up" and will be directing the look of the game.

While he would not divulge further information, he stated it would "look like a Dave Gibbons game."

"It'll have a strong graphic identity," he stated. "It's strange - when you get the germ for an idea for something, you can almost touch it. It's like you can almost hold it.

"It's going to be something that combines a lot of the things I'm perhaps best known for, which are a design sense and a sense of symbolism and maybe an obsessive attention to background detail.

"If you're asking, will it look like a Dave Gibbons game, yes it will look like a Dave Gibbons game. There would be no point in Charles [Cecil, founder of Revolution Studios] collaborating with me if it was going to look like a Joe Blow game."

Gibbons was previously involved in the development of Beneath a Steel Sky, and worked on updated art for Broken Sword: Director's Cut.

Both Gibbons and Cecil will begin work on the title when their current projects are completed, a comic book titled Secret Service and a yet-to-be-announced addition to the Broken Sword series, respectively.

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