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'Minecraft' Xbox 360 DLC features 40 new skins, including 'Splosion Man and Covenant Grunt

Be 'Splosion Man

minecraft skins
minecraft skins

40 new avatar skins will be available shortly for Minecraft Xbox 360.

A skin pack for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is underway and will feature 40 new avatar outfits including a Covenant Grunt, 'Splosion Man, King, Creeper, and a biker from Trials HD.

The Xbox 360 release of Minecraft will support skins beginning with the launch of patch 1.73, which is expected to arrive next week.

Users will be able to check out available costumes in a free trial edition, which is said to allow for multiple users to wear the same skin.

Minecraft for Xbox 360 released May 9th. The indie hit set records on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade platform when it sold in excess of one million copies within its first month. Microsoft revealed that it was the fastest selling XBLA game to date, with more than 400,000 players in the first 24 hours.