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'The Walking Dead' episode 3 'Long Road Ahead' dated for August

Telltale Games appreciates your patience.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
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Telltale Games' The Walking Dead - Episode 3: Long Road Ahead dated for mid-August.

Telltale Games' episodic video game series based on The Walking Dead will continue "in the middle of August" with the release of the third chapter, "Long Road Ahead."

"Although we can't give you an exact date at this time," Telltale wrote on its official blog, "we can say that episode three will be ready in the middle of August, and that we and our partners will do all that we can to release all platforms and regions as close together as possible."

The Walking Dead's second and most recent episode, "Starving For Help," was released last week, just barely making its promised June launch date on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. (Episode 2, it appears, was worth the wait.)

Telltale addressed player grumbling over the two-month gap between episodes on its blog, writing "it arrived later than anticipated and this has been a cause of frustration for everyone."

"Our goal from day one has been to deliver your game episodes as quickly as possible, and where we can, simultaneously across all platforms and regions. [...] We will continue to work on this and furthermore, we will strive to improve our communication with you so that you know what's happening. Please rest assured that we are doing all we can to get your game episodes to you as quickly as possible."

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