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'Battlefield 3' to include new customizable 'Matches' feature

But rent a server first.

battlefield 3
battlefield 3

EA and DICE reveal new customizable user Matches for dedicated rented servers.

Battlefield 3 will integrate a new Matches feature which allows users to coordinate competitive multiplayer sessions with other players, EA and DICE announced.

Players will be able to select a time, server, setting, and roster for a "controlled and definitive" environment. In order to coordinate this, a user must currently be renting a dedicated server.

Matches can be customized with an extensive list of possible settings that include friendly fire, 3D spotting, squad-leader spawning, kill cam, health regeneration, weapon unlocks, amongst others.

In addition, users can engage in a warm-up phase before the game begins in which no kills or points are counted.

Matches will be available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 via the Battlelog.