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'Tiny Wings 2' release date scheduled for July 12th on iOS

Tiny Wings is back

Tiny Wings 2
Tiny Wings 2
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The sequel to the iOS hit, Tiny Wings, is coming next week.

Tiny Wings 2 is releasing on the iOS App Store on July 12th, according to a teaser trailer by the franchise's creator, Andreas Illiger. That's next week!

The teaser uses an old-timey music box to pluck the theme song of Tiny Wings as a hand-drawn bird flies across familiar hills and oceans. It's rather charming.

Unfortunately the teaser isn't exactly brimming with information. Thankfully we only have to wait about six days until the game is out, at which point most of our questions should be answered.

Until then, perhaps you should boot up the original Tiny Wings to get those bird-flying reflexes back in shape. You're definitely going to need them.

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