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'Street Fighter X Tekken' adds 12 downloadable fighters on July 31st

Street Fighter X Tekken
Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken expands by 12 on July 31st.

Capcom will release 12 additional fighters for the console and PC versions of Street Fighter X Tekken earlier than originally planned, the company said today. Previously expected "soon after" the release of Street Fighter X Tekken for the PlayStation Vita this fall, those new fighters will now be available starting July 31st.

The early release date was announced during Capcom's panel at the EVO fighting game championships in Las Vegas.

The downloadable add-on will include six characters from the Street Fighter side and six from the Tekken side: Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei. Those characters will be included in the standard roster of the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Capcom had previously announced a price of $20 USD or 1600 Microsoft Points for the character pack add-on. Players who purchase the Vita version will be able to unlock the new characters on the PS3 at no additional cost.

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