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Japan, France, US and more make it through to game design finals in the Imagine Cup

Game design top 10 announced

Imagine Cup Brazil
Imagine Cup Brazil

The US, France and Japan are among the ten teams to have made it through to the world finals of the Imagine Cup game design competition.

The US, France and Japan are among the ten teams to have made it through to the world finals of the Imagine Cup game design competition.

Five finalists from the Xbox/Windows category and five finalists from the mobile category were announced today. These teams will proceed to the next round where they will tweak their games based on the judges' feedback and give presentations to convince the judges that their games are not only fun and entertaining, but also illustrate the 2012 Imagine Cup theme of "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems".

The teams representing each country had to win their respective national Imagine Cup finals in order to attend this week's world finals in Sydney, Australia. A total of 20 game design teams – all of whom are students – arrived in Sydney on Friday. Today the judges of the Imagine Cup narrowed that number down to ten finalists based on the students' presentations.

Below are the game design finalists. To view all the games that originally made it through to the top 20, click here for the XBOX/Windows games and here for the mobile games.


TEAM Radiant
GAME Robert's Quest
A side-scrolling platform game where players take on the role of Robert the squirrel to clean up the environment using sustainable and renewable energy sources.

TEAM Team Blossom
GAME Bloom*Block
A 3D game that encourages children to explore and appreciate the environment. The game aims to raise awareness and interest in children of environmental issues.

COUNTRY Thailand
GAME Verdant Fantasy
A real-time strategy designed to raise awareness about deforestation. Players command and support their comrades (forest animals) to chase out evil robots from the forest.

TEAM The Doers
GAME Do More
A city planning game that teaches players that through team work, anything is achievable.

TEAM Hotfix
GAME Hotfix
A strategy/puzzle game about how positive change begins in your own circle and how you can influence others through your own positive actions.


TEAM Ecosia
GAME Ecosia
A 2D platform puzzle game where players go through more than 80 levels cleaning up a universe that has been polluted by humankind.

TEAM Swifteam
GAME Swifty Ball
A puzzle game where players must maneuver balls of waste to the recycling plant. When objectives are met, players are rewarded with tips about the waste and recycling situations around the world.

TEAM Gaon Nuri
GAME KnockingHope
A collection of mini games that aim to educate players about using appropriate technology in the third world. As players progress through several different modes, they develop their own village using appropriate technology and increase their village's happiness.

TEAM Drexel Dragons
GAME MathDash
A game that helps improve mathematics skills by providing an environment where players want to practice and get better at math, allowing them to arrive at a solution using a variety of different approaches.

TEAM Turtle Games
GAME Rum Run
A strategy game where players control ships and trade goods, addressing world poverty and hunger through fair trading.

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