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'Sims 3: Supernatural' adds 'Plants vs. Zombies' to its pop culture appeal


"The Sims 3" borrows from fantasy pop culture for its new expansion pack, "Supernatural."

The Sims 3: Supernatural expansion pack, set to release early this fall, draws heavily from fantasy pop culture with its injection of vampires, zombies, and magic into the Sims' world.

In addition to genre standards such as full moon-initiated lycanthropy and glittery-winged fairies, the pack will include content from PopCap's tower-defense game Plants vs. Zombies as a pre-order bonus.

"It's undeniable that there's some commonality between The Sims 3: Supernatural and Plants vs. Zombies – the common denominator being broad appeal, irreverent humor and of course, zombies," said Megan Meyers, Assistant Producer at EA. Peashooters, the titular plants against the zombies, are available for players to scattered across their lawns, providing Sims' homes with protection from the undead. "The Peashooter is a great fit for The Sims 3: Supernatural as it introduces fun gameplay of warding off zombies from Sim lots - something that we didn't have in the game yet," said Meyers.

Supernatural is the result of fan requests, says Sims 3 Associate Producer Brittany Henry. The popularity of series like Twilight and True Blood made the addition of werewolves and more complex vampire options a good fit. Players can choose from a handful of supernatural beings such a fairies and ghosts, with their Sim's special abilities dependent on its age. A child werewolf will scratch furniture and be more temperamental, whereas one of the adult werewolf's action options is to "Sniff Inappropriately." The game also features a customizable lunar cycle, allowing players to set the frequency of their full moon.

"It's almost like we've created an interactive version of Being Human," Henry told Polygon.

"The Sims has always been a game for people who want to play with life in interesting ways," Henry said. "Supernatural is just another way for you to escape your everyday life."

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