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'Guild Wars 2' final beta event coming July 20th, features Asura and Sylvari races

Asura and Sylvari are finally playable

guild wars 2
guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2 announces its final beta weekend before launch

The third and final weekend beta event for the highly anticipated massively multiplayer game Guild Wars 2 takes place July 20th to July 22nd, ArenaNet confirms

Users should expect to finally access levels 1 through 20 for both the Asura and Sylvari races, as well as two new cities Rata Sum and Grove, and a new Guild-Conquest PvP map.

In addition, players can access their accounts for the upcoming beta weekend using the log-in details used for "Beta Weekend Event 2."

Guild Wars 2 is scheduled to release August 28th of this year in Europe and North America. The subscription-free title has been in development for over five years.

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