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Gamesplanet Lab offers Kickstarter alternative with gaming-focused crowdfunding

The Kickstarter alternative


Gamesplanet Lab offers developers a new way to crowdsource their games.

Independent digital distributor Gamesplanet is working alongside European crowdfunding site Ulule to create Gamesplanet Lab, a new games-focused funding platform.

Gamesplanet Lab will give developers the opportunity to seek funding for future projects, as well as provide tools and support for development. In addition, once a game is completed it cam be sold directly through Gamesplanet Lab and backers can access their pre-ordered games without the need of another distribution platform.

All games will be vetted by Gamesplanet Lab to verify the titles are up to standards and that "reward fulfillment, community communications and more is conducted professionally and honestly." Developers must also agree to a 10-point charter, promising to provide information, maintain a clear timetable, guarantee the delivery of rewards, and develop a DRM system that prioritizes customer experience.

Gamesplanet emphasizes that developers will maintain control over their creative work.

"This is not a publishing house. No matter what support Gamesplanet Lab offers, developers retain full control and copyright over their ideas. Gamesplanet Lab is also committed to putting the gaming experience first, by demanding not only good results but a gamer friendly approach to the issue of DRM."

Currently there are two Gamesplanet Lab projects in development, including a comedy adventure game titled Day One by developer Pendulo, and a first-person shooter titled Magrunner: Dark Pulse from 3AM Games.

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