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'Dyad' makes the trip to PlayStation 3 on July 17th

Commence eyegasming


Dyad races to PS3 on July 17th.

Shawn McGrath's psychedelic musical racing game Dyad is set to audio-visually blow the minds of PlayStation 3 owners starting July 17th, the developer announced today. After four years of development, the PlayStation Network exclusive will finally be released, letting PS3 owners experience a "harmonious synthesis of color and sound while hooking, grazing and lancing" through 27 courses of eye-blistering hyperbole.

In addition to the game's 27 standard levels, each of which introduces a new gameplay mechanic, Dyad will offer an additional 26 Trophy levels and 26 "relaxing" Remix levels – all at 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second and with uncompressed audio. If you've ever wanted to pilot an abstract whip through the final sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey, this is the PSN release you've been waiting for.

Here's a taste of Dyad.

Dyad will cost $14.99 USD. PlayStation Plus members will get a 20% discount.

For more on Dyad, don't miss Polygon's hands-on impressions and E3 interview with developer Shawn McGrath.

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