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'Sound Shapes' developer video shows off its level editor

sound shapes
sound shapes

New "Sound Shapes" developer video shows off the game's level editor.

The Sound Shapes team posted a developer video this morning on the PlayStation Blog demoing the game's level editor.

Beating levels unlocks their content – music and art from different artists – for mixing and matching in the level editor. In the video below, Queasy Games co-founder Jonathan Mak builds a level from music by Sword and Sworcery composer Jim Guthrie and deadmau5, plus a few vocal tracks from Beck. The video shows how players can change the music's beats per minute and record timings.

"We've tried to make creating a song and level as fun as possible, but also effortless to upload and share. We've said this before, but seeing what players do with our tools is one of the things we're *most* looking forward to," the Sound Shapes team writes on the PlayStation Blog.

The team has also created two challenge modes, Death Mode and Beat School. Players who complete campaign mode for each album can unlock Death Mode, a "b-side" for each album featuring single-screen timed challenges. Completing a "b-side" scores a Trophy. "It's our hope that these will test the skills players have learned in our levels, making each Trophy win hard fought but deeply rewarding," says the game's team.

Beat School has players creating their own beats by listening and matching a pre-created string of them. The development team hopes Beat School will "challenge and inspire" players to utilize the level editor.

Pre-orders via the PlayStation Store will net buyers an exclusive PlayStation 3 theme. Players who have already purchased The Expendables 2 via the PSN Play promotion will received $3 back when they purchase Sound Shapes. The game is coming to PS3 and PlayStation Vita on August 7th and supports cross-play between the two.

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