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'Angry Birds Seasons' adding pink fowl in update

Birdie up

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons

New, pink bird coming in Angry Birds Seasons update.

The next update for Angry Birds Seasons, titled "Back to School," will introduce a new, pink bird to the Angry Birds family of pig-haters.

The pink bird, introduced in a charming, hand-drawn cartoon, seems to be of the female persuasion (the eyelashes are a dead giveaway). In terms of a special ability, the pink bird utilizes a bubble-blowing mechanism that seems to distract porcine foes, sending them to an early demise.

If the "Back to School" update follows the trend of all previous Angry Birds Seasons updates, it will be free to anyone who has already purchased the game. No release date as been set beyond "coming soon."

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