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'Mass Effect' fan game is the coolest point-and-click adventure on the Citadel

Finding Shepard

finding shepherd
finding shepherd

"Mass Effect" fan game is the coolest point-and-click adventure on the Citadel.

Finding Shepard, a point-and-click indie adventure game set in the Mass Effect universe, has surfaced on the forums of Adventure Game Studio, a site that provides resources and tools to make PC adventure games.

Finding Shepard picks up after the ending of Mass Effect 3, centering around the notorious biotic Jack. Players guide Jack through this problem-solving puzzler as she attempts to escape the Citadel, where she is on house arrest, to learn what happened to Shepard after the trilogy's finale.

"ME3 left me with many unanswered questions..." writes game creator Nightfable on the forums. "So, here I am, making a Mass Effect adventure fangame."

Finding Shepard, in addition to being faithful to Jack's foul-mouthed demeanor, will include series characters Miranda, Wrex, and Kasumi. There is no set release date just yet, but keep an eye on the AGS forums and creator Nightfable for future updates.

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