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11 bit studios bringing three new mobile games to Gamescom


funky smugglers
funky smugglers

11 bit studios is bringing three new mobile games to Gamescom next week.

11 bit studios, the developer behind tower-defense strategy title Anomaly: Warzone Earth, will bring three new iOS and Android games to Gamescom next week, the company announced today.

Tower-defense strategy Anomaly Korea adds a new campaign and story to the mobile versions of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Players will be able to access new units and powers for use on an entirely new battlefield set in Korea.

Sleepwalker's Journey introduces the wandering MoonBoy and a world of fairytale-like aesthetics. Players must guide Moonboy back to bed, maneuvering the sleepwalker through traps and puzzles and shifting the environment out of his way to create safe pathways.

Funky Smugglers, shown in the trailer below, puts players in the role of an airport security officer. An x-ray screen is used to monitor a cartoonish group of smugglers and pluck away any hidden unlawful goods, all to a 70s-style soundtrack.

11 bit studios will also bring Anomaly: Warzone Earth for PlayStation 3 to Gamescom, which takes place in Cologne, Germany next week.

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