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Psychedelic student-made skater 'Zineth' now available on PC and Mac



Psychedelic student-made skater "Zineth" now available on PC and Mac.

Arcane Kids, a group of students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, released their free-to-play psychedlic skater Zineth today for PC and Mac.

Zineth, made in the group's spring 2012 semester at Rensselaer in New York, was created to celebrate "speed, movement, and Twitter," according to a statement on the game's website. The game revolves around missions that are assigned to the play via an in-game cellphone. Players skate above a seemingly unending landscape, gathering speed for massive jumps into even more massive free-falls that look almost like flight.

Check out the game's launch trailer below for more jump-and-free fall action. The game is available for download at the Arcane Kids official website.

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