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'Battlefield 1942' was a 'textbook example of over-scoping'

'The team had hubris' Karl Troedsson, general manager

Battlefield 3 Aftermath concept art
Battlefield 3 Aftermath concept art

Battlefield 1942 was over-scoped, according to the studio's general manager.

Battlefield 1942 was a "textbook example of over-scoping," according to EA Digital Illusions CE's general manager Karl Troedsson during a lecture at GDC Europe.

Describing the process behind developing the 2002 release, Troedsson said the team working on the project "had hubris" when brainstorming the title, as exemplified by the vast number of features, ideas, vehicles, and settings.

"The U-boats were a pretty special experience but it wasn't very good," he said, stating the company currently takes a less far-reaching approach to design in order to maintain quality throughout each feature in their games as they attempt to balance quality and innovation.

"[These ideas] were also part of what made [Battlefield 1942] great," he explained, "but we do things a little smarter nowadays."

Troedsson explained EA Digital Illusions CE now takes a more focused approach to design, in which "finding the right level of quality" and prioritizing certain features over others is of primary importance.

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