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Nintendo dates 3DS games 'Paper Mario' and 'Layton,' delays 'Luigi's Mansion'

some 3DS games for fall 2012 finally confirmed

Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo 3DS XL
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Nintendo confirmed release dates for its fall 2012 slate of 3DS titles today, including anticipated new entries in the Professor Layton and Paper Mario franchises, but delayed the launch of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

North American release dates for 3DS games including Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as well as a delay for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, were announced by Nintendo today.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will meet its holiday 2012 date: it is due out on November 11th. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which launched in Japan on February 26th, 2011, and was previously announced for November, is now coming on October 28th.

But after announcing at E3 that Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon would be coming out this holiday season, Nintendo delayed the game into the "first half of 2013 in the Americas." It is unclear whether it will launch in Japan this year; we've reached out to Nintendo to ask, and will update this post with any information we receive.

These games will enjoy a bigger platform when the 3DS XL, with a screen that is 90 percent larger than the original 3DS model's display, launches on August 19th.

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