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'Spec Ops' developer doubts a sequel, working on a new game

No sequel for Spec Ops

spec ops hero
spec ops hero

"Spec Ops: The Line" developer Yager doubts the game will get a sequel and is working on a new game.

Spec Ops: The Line will likely not be getting a sequel, design lead Jorg Friedrich said in a panel at GDC Europe.

Developer Yager is working on a larger unannounced game, with Friedrich insinuating the numbers for Spec Ops were not good enough to merit a sequel. "To be honest, it doesn't look too great," he said.

In the panel Friedrich discussed the emotional impact of player choice and the importance of moral decisions in game narrative. He argued that having players make deeply-impacting moral decisions is more powerful than watching characters make pre-written, determined actions. He lamented the use of achievements in Spec Ops, claiming that the use of in-game rewards cheapened the game's emotional impact.

"I really regret that we had achievements on moral choices," he said, expressing he had wanted player focus on moral implications when making choices in Spec Ops.

Friedrich would not comment on the Yager's unannounced game.

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