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Valve reveals 'major update' coming to Steam Community

Steam Community
Steam Community

Valve reveals major updates coming to Steam Community, with focus on highlighting and enabling the best user-created screenshots, videos, and Workshop items for games across Steam.

Valve is giving the Community side of Steam an overhaul, the developer announced today, one that brings user-created screenshots, videos, and Steam Workshop items to the forefront with the addition of new Game Hubs.

Hubs combine community-rated user-created content — maps, mods, screenshots, videos — with related news, forum discussions, and comments at the game level, making it easier to access everything related to a particular game, Valve says. The update shortens the path from a Game Hub page to the Steam forums, making it easier for players to dive into wild Team Fortress 2 ARG speculation or Dota 2 strategy discussion.

Valve offers a sneak peek at the new Steam Community on its website, promising new details over the course of four days.

A closed beta for new Steam Community features is planned, with additional details to come.

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