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'Team Fortress 2' now has co-op and a third team of killer gray robots

Rise of the Robots

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2
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Team Fortress 2 "Mann vs. Machine" update pits Red and Blu against Gray, a team of deadly robots.

The long-rumored "Mann vs. Machine" update for Team Fortress 2 is scheduled to go live on August 15th, bringing with it an army of gray robots intent on killing teams Red and Blu in cooperative, Horde Mode-style gameplay for up to six players.

Team Fortress 2's new Mann vs. Machine mode will send wave after wave of robots created by Gray Mann — long-lost brother of Redmund and Blutarch Mann — into Mann Co. factories to destroy them with very large bombs. Players must fend off said gray robots, collect cash from their metal corpses, then spend those rewards on upgrades to weapons and abilities.

Gray's robots are modeled after the existing Team Fortress 2 classes, though it appears that some feature abilities unique from their flesh and blood counterparts. The Gray team comes in varying shapes and sizes, with giant, heavily armored 'bots and deadly bomb-carrying robots adding frightening variety to the rank and file robots. There's even a "bomb on legs" named the Sentry Buster, deadly against Engineer structures.

Valve teases additional information throughout the week on Team Fortress 2's latest, game-changing update. The release of Mann vs. Machine is currently scheduled for release on PC and Mac this Wednesday.

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