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Capcom reveals 'Remember Me,' a new action IP


remember me
remember me

Capcom has revealed Remember Me, a new game and franchise from Paris, France-based developer Dontnod Entertainment.

Capcom has revealed Remember Me, a new game and franchise from Paris, France-based developer Dontnod Entertainment.

A brief trailer in the game showed off a young woman running and precariously leaping through a dystopian future city. Her memory has been erased, as she frequently discloses during the trailer, at one point asking, "I'm the hunter, why am I being hunted?"

The game's director explained that memory is an important part of the game, sharing an intimate memory of how he met his girlfriend. "What if we could all have access to all the memories of all the people in this room," he asked. "What if we could buy, sell or share these memories?" He highlights a few examples — what if we could relive Obama's election through his own eyes? What if we could delete our own memories?

Remember Me is set in Neo-Paris in 2084, where citizens are equipped with the Sensation Engine, a piece of hardware which allows them to record and digitize the events they experience in real time. These recordings are built into profiles by the manufacturer, called Memoreyes. In Remember Me, you play as Nilin, a member of the "Errorists," who are trying to take down the corporation. She escapes from the city's Bastille, armed with the ability to access anyone's memories — she is, in the director's own words, a "memory hunter."

A brief demo for the title showed Nilin carrying out her mission, hunting down a target with valuable information she must extract. Her target — one Captain Trace — finds her first, and attacks from a helicopter, Nilin flees through the city's rooftops and alleyways, parkouring over pipes and low platforms. She augments the environment by hacking machinery on the fly using an implant in her neck, lowering an elevator to a more advantageous climbing position.

She enters into combat with two armed guards, firing at them with a device on her wrist (attached to the aforementioned implant), and dispatching them with hand-to-hand combat. After getting behind one of them, she hacks into his skull, and performs a "memory overload," which filled his brain with too many memories for him to handle, and knocked him out.

Nilin also has access to a few cerebral-based powers which she can use in combat, like a "Logic Bomb," or an area of effect attack which puts enemies to sleep. She can also "Memory Remix," which allows her to change the memories of targets, which causes a "Butterfly Effect" on that person's current personality.

In a second demo, Nilin stalked another member of the Memoreyes guard through Neo-Paris's holo-billboard-lined streets. This guard was recently left by his wife — until Nilin "remixed" the memory of the break-up, rewatching it through the guard's eyes. He's shown as an alcoholic, twirling a gun as his wife tells him off. After exchanging harsh words, she leaves.

Nilin rewinds the memory, and is able to influence elements in the environment. She knocks over the bottle the guard was drinking from. He trips on it, falling to the table with the gun, points it at his wife and pulls the trigger — but the safety is off. She leaves again, Nilin rewinds again, and takes the safety off the gun, ensuring the false memory of the wife's demise.

Flash-forward to the present, and the guard — believing that his upcoming promotion is actually his arraignment for his wife's murder — kills himself, doing Nilin's dirty work for her.

That was it for the demo — we'll see more at Gamescom later this week. Remember Me is scheduled to come out on 360, PS3, and PC in May 2013.