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'Hitman Absolution' will include player-created 'Contracts'

"What happens when everyone is a potential target?"Christian Elverdam

Hitman Absolution
Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution will turn every person in the game world into a target with a new game mode called Contracts, the developers announced in Cologne, Germany today.

Hitman Absolution will turn every person in the game world into a target with a new game mode called Contracts, the developers announced in Cologne, Germany today.

"What happens if any person in the game word is a target," Christian Elverdam, Hitman Absolution gameplay director, asked during a presentation.

Elverdam showed off the familiar library level of the game, previously shown at E3, but this time paused the game to open a featured contracts option in the menu. The featured contract is an alternate hit that can take place anywhere in the game world.

"It turns the play experience on its head," he said.

In the menu, Elverdam found a contract for Sergeant Meyer, a referenced but seemingly unimportant officer located in the library hunting for 47.

The contract briefing showed that the sergeant had a hit put out on him by another officer. Apparently Meyer is a dirty cop who was involved in the death of another officer's father.

"He wants (the hit) done up close and personally and without the assassin being seen," he said.

The level changes from simply escaping the library, to a mission about taking out the sergeant.

"What happens when everyone is a potential target? One answer is that it adds replay value," Elverdam said.

More interesting, though, is how those contracts are created.

Players can go into something called create mode, replaying a level and creating a series of up to three hits as a contract that other players have to mimic to receive payment.

In the example we were shown, Agent 47 created a contract in the Shangri-La level of the game, a section that shows a pot-growing farm preparing for a police raid. To create the contract, the player first has to mark a target and then kill him or her. The way the target is killed, for instance without being spotted, all adds to the requirements of the contract. After killing the first target, Agent 47 moved through the area to find a second target and first mark, then kill a second target. Once a player is finished taking out the targets, the way they exit a level is also factored in to the new contract.

Once a player exits the area, the contract is automatically created and uploaded for players to attempt.

Players can also create competitions which has players trying to out perform one another in specific contracts.

When replaying a contract, gamers can switch costumes and loadouts. It's worth noting that while you have to follow the requirements, which can include things like type of disguise and weapons or whether a body has to be hidden, you don't have to follow the exact path to perform your kills. The time it takes a player to complete a contract does impact the score, so it's likely most players will try to find the most direct path to a kill.

"We believe contracts bring replayability, it brings you play to create, and finally we feel we will get a stronger sense of community than ever before," Elverdam said.

The next level of puzzles.

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