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Mobile game developers must rely on publishers to thrive

We need an EA Partners for mobile Jesse Divnich, EEDAR

Guinness Mobile Games
Guinness Mobile Games

Mobile games must rely on publisher partnerships in this over-saturated market.

Independent mobile games developers must rely on publishers to thrive in the current market, according to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research vice president Jesse Divnich at today's GDC Europe presentation.

Divnich stated mobile developers require a program in the form of EA Partners in order to retain success in an over-saturated market, as "simply making great games doesn't work anymore."

"We need an EA Partners for the mobile industry," he said. "We need that now."

Divnich emphasized the value of publishers over venture capitalists; he said developers tell him they prefer venture capitalists, as they have little understanding of the video game industry and will therefore offer studios more creative freedom. However, he added "in social games, [venture capitalists] won't even talk to you. They'll laugh at you."

He went on to say that relying on publishers remains an attractive possibility for developers because "when you are using other people's money, failure won't result in demise."

Divnich clarified that publishers in their present state will not help to revolutionize the market, but rather he is referring to publishers of the future that adapt and change.

"Publishers need to change as well, they are broken for the digital market."

EEDAR is a video game industry research firm that founded in 2006.

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