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SimCity releasing on Mac in early 2013, PC beta announced

Building on OS X

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EA's city-builder is coming to OSX next February.

In an announcement timed with its Gamescom press conference, Electronic Arts revealed that the next installment of SimCity will now be coming to Mac in February 2013, right alongside the PC version.

SimCity for Mac will be sold as a digital download through Origin. The release stated that the Mac version "will feature the same deep, rich gameplay that will define the PC experience as players on both platforms compete or collaborate to create a new world, together." In addition to feature parity, this also reinforces that Mac and PC players will be able to experience cross-platform multiplayer. SimCity will allow several players to build a region of cities together, sharing energy, pollution and tourism concerns over the web.

EA is also encouraging interested parties to sign up for the SimCity beta starting tomorrow (the site is currently down), for a chance at early access to the game. Unfortunately the beta is limited to just the PC version.

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