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'Rain' coming to PlayStation Network

Not heavy

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A unique 3rd person adventure game is coming to the PlayStation Network.

Sony just announced a new game, Rain, coming to the PlayStation Network later this year. It's being developed by Japan Studios.

Rain stars a small boy who, one day, becomes invisible. The only way he can be seen is by walking out into the rain, as raindrops coat his skin, giving him form. When not in the rain, the only indication he's present is in the rippling of puddles or the appearance of muddy footsteps.

Brief gameplay snippets shown during Sony's GamesCom press conference imply a 3D puzzle/platformer with some stealth elements, as the boy maneuvers over boxes and through environments urban. It seems like part of the challenge is for the player to keep track of where the boy is at any given time, especially when he's completely invisibile. This requires a keen observation of these environmental clues.

No release date has been announced for Rain.

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