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Japan Studio announces 'Puppeteer,' a bizarre platformer


Pupeteer is the new game from Sony's Japan Studio.

Puppeteer is the new game from Sony's Japan Studio. The game takes place on a magical theater. Though it is a 2D platformer, action occurs on stage all around the player.

The story is sort of a reverse Pinocchio, in which a boy is kidnapped from his home and turned into a puppet. His wooden form provides the boy powers, represented by new heads. For example, a scissor ability allows him to slice upwards through tapestries. The art design calls to mind the arts and crafts vibe of LittleBigPlanet.

How the game's theatrical world behaves is tough to describe, so we'll leave the heavy lifting to the trailer.

Update: We've added a gallery of screenshots full of puppeteering action below the video.

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