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'The Last Story' release moved to August 17th, Amazon not shipping for '1-3 weeks'

The Last Story delayed...again

The Last Story
The Last Story

"The Last Story" release date bumped to August 17th.

The Last Story, Mistwalker's fantasy role-playing game for the Nintendo Wii, had its release date bumped from yesterday, August 14th to Friday, August 17th, according to retailer GameStop.

A GameStop employee told Polygon that the release date had been changed this morning, a move that can only be done by a game's developer. Shipments of the game which had been expected to arrive yesterday have been reportedly pushed back to this Friday due to "production issues, or trouble getting off the press."

A representative for North American publisher Xseed marked August 14th as the game's ship date, not release date.

"While the ship date was in fact August 14th, a lot of stores will be receiving the game on the 15th, 16th, and 17th depending on shipping logistics," said the representative.

Retail website Amazon will ship copies of the game "in one to three weeks," according to a customer service representative. This includes customers who pre-ordered the game.

English localization of The Last Story was announced in February, with a release date of August 14th given in July.

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