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'Devil May Cry' developers didn't expect to be 'greeted as liberators' of the series

'Better than Enslaved' Alex Jones, Capcom America

devil may cry e3
devil may cry e3

Devil May Cry developers expected the fan backlash, according to Capcom America's Alex Jones.

The developers behind the upcoming "Westernized" Devil May Cry didn't expect to be "greeted as liberators" of the series when they began developing their take on the Capcom series, Capcom America's Alex Jones told Polygon.

According to Jones, Ninja Theory was given the green light by Capcom to pursue their vision, after being told "you don't need to be tethered to the existing cannon in every particular place." However there was an awareness of an intolerance to major shifts in design from the series' passionate fanbase.

"There must be an awareness any time you make a substantial change to an existing IP, or pretty stylistic ones such as we did, there will be a certain percentage of the fan base that has issues with it."

Jones added they did not think the fans would continue to rally against the changes for as long as they had, however.

"I think it would be fair to say we probably didn't expect that long a duration, or maybe that degree of intensity. But at the end of the day I would prefer that [response] because it's an indication of action, than having gone out and people say 'whatever.'"

Jones emphasised the team is confident fans are turning around incrementally.

"There's always going to be some irreducible hardcore who want the white hair off the bat, and didn't want it done by a Western developer, and I certainly respect that. But the vast majority of fans are starting to see that this is going to be a pretty damn good game."

In addition, he stated Ninja Theory is doing things with Devil May Cry that is "even better than Enslaved and Heavenly Sword."

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