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'The Witcher 2' RedKit development tool could lead to 'Cyberpunk' mods



The Witcher 2 development tool could lead to Cyberpunk mods and designs made from scratch by users.

The in-development RedKit mod tool, created by The Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt RED could allow users to modify the studio's upcoming role-playing game Cyberpunk and even create their own titles from scratch.

According to lead designer Marek Ziemak, despite the mod tool currently being developed for fans to create both simple and complex mods for The Witcher 2, the team is not opposed to the idea of allowing users to create "different stuff" as well.

"We'd like people to create different stuff. Maybe not Witcher stuff. Maybe a cyberpunk game!" Ziemak laughed.

RedKit will let users create "huge, visually stunning game worlds and complex engrossing stories" that can be easily developed and shared.

Those using the tool will be able to toy with terrain, vegetation, camera angles, the world environment, lighting, script dialogue, global fog, cloud shadows, NPCs, and quests, among other features that will let them create a modified version of The Witcher 2.

According to Ziemak, the tool includes complex sliders that will let the experienced user experiment with the game to a high level, while those new to modding can automatically generate changes with the click of a button without first playing with all possible options.

Plants, for example, can generate on location automatically, while changes to the density and cluster groupings of trees can either be experimented with manually or automatically generated. Trees will generate wherever a water source and terrain would naturally dictate.

With the adventure editor, the user can plan quests, conditions, and events using visual scripting. However the team is aware that the tool set may be difficult for new users to use at first, said Ziemak.

"We are aware. We are trying to get it as simple as possible, so we will try to release tutorials and maybe guidebooks. And we believe the community will be generating the rest of the help and tutorials."

Ziemak added it is not necessary to have a powerful PC to use RedKit.

"You don't need to have a powerful computer. If you can play a game, you can run this."

Redkit already has 7 thousand textures, all of which will be shared with the community for free. It is slated to release next year.

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