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'Lost Planet 3' developers are 'flattered' at use of ice planet in 'Dead Space 3'

Ice to meet you

lost planet 3
lost planet 3

Lost Planet 3 was on the ice planet first.

The developers of the upcoming installment in the Lost Planet series, Lost Planet 3, are flattered at the use of an ice planet environment in the Visceral Games-developed Dead Space 3, Capcom producer Andrew Szymanski told Polygon.

Despite numerous comparisons being made between both titles, Szymanski stated the similarities were simply a comparison; however, he emphasized that the Capcom-developed series had staked its claim on the setting years before.

"It's really a complete coincidence and a situation of parallel evolution that they decided to place the third game on an ice planet," he said. "But as far as we're concerned it's flattering. We've been on the ice planet since 2006 so they like that setting enough that they wanted to use it. But I think most people when they play it will see those similarities are superficial. A few sort of tense areas in our indoor sections, but I think when people see the demo they see we're much more about action and creatures and keeping that tempo going along with the exploration and less about necessarily going balls to the wall survival horror."

Szymanski added the planet is to a degree inspired by Star Wars' Hoth ice planet, including interiors of the hangar.

"Some of the interiors of the based are inspired by it. We're adopting a similar theme in which we built the hangar into an existing cave structure, so the humans have salvaged material from their ship and used it to create this structure."

The title is being developed by Western studio Spark Unlimited, the first studio outside of Capcom to develop a title in the series. Explaining the process between bridging Eastern and Western development teams, Szymanski said:

"We have a mixed record, there's always going to be some hits and misses especially as you're learning the ropes. On Lost Planet 3 we are lucky enough to have all of the core members from the team in Osaka who did all the first two games.

"Basically when we sat down with Spark it wasn't a situation of handing the game to them and saying 'Hey, it's your deal, go deal with it,' nor was it a situation where we had everything mapped out to every detail and just said 'build it.' What we tried to do was we literally would sit in rooms for weeks hammering out all the characters and enemies and core designs and get a consensus on exactly what the vision of the game would be and then we would allow Spark to go build that."

Lost Planet 3 is scheduled to release next year on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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