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Steam Greenlight dated for August 30th

Greenlight coming August 30th.

steam greenlight
steam greenlight

Steam Greenlight date for August 30th.

Steam Greenlight, a program that allows Steam users to decide which indie titles can be bought on Valve's service, will be available on August 30th, Valve announced on last night's episode of GameTrailersTV.

Greenlight allows indie developers to post content at any point in the game's development in order to gather feedback from the Steam Community. Viewers can then vote which games are added to the Steam library.

Developers will be able to post screens, trailers, and links to articles about their games, but not demos just yet, Valve's Anna Sweet told GameTrailersTV.

Steam announced Greenlight in early July, touting it as a companion program to Valve's Steam Workshop and another step to further the company's goal to "increase the volume and quality of creative submissions."