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'Dead Space 3' weapon crafting lets you build a modified acid-shooting necromorph-killer

Gotta craft 'em all

Dead Space 3 Feeders
Dead Space 3 Feeders

Dead Space 3 weapon crafting system explained.

EA unveiled the Dead Space 3 weapon crafting system at this week's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, demonstrating just how many modified weapons are technically possible to create in the title.

This updated version of the workbench from the previous two entries in the series allows users to choose whether the weapon is one-handed or two-handed. Users will then be able to choose the "upper tool," applying up to two to the weapon. In this presentation, a plasma core was added to the gun alongside a tesla core.

An adapter is then chosen, which modifies how projectiles are fired. These can include precision adapters, compressors, and repeaters. Side attachments modify the weapon further, and offer players the chance to choose from modifiers such as "acid bath" which damages the enemy with a spurts of acid over time.

The final product can be tested against enemies within a test chamber directly next to the weapon crafting bench.

Dead Space 3 is scheduled to release February 5th, for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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